A Breakdown to the Best and Bad Foods for Children’s Teeth

When it comes to dental hygiene for children, most parents think of standard care. In this regard, their top preference is to ensure their little one’s brush and floss at least twice in a day. For sure, brushing is important, and parents should always encourage their children to do so. However, this isn’t all there is to oral care. The foods your little ones consume have a major role to play in their ability to have healthy teeth in the years to come. Foods play a role in protecting the enamel of the teeth and ensuring they properly grow.

Before you consult a Tulsa pediatric group, it is advisable that you first pay attention to the eating habits of your children. The next time you pack their breakfast, lunch or snacks, here’s what you should know about the foods that play a role in their teeth development.

Healthy Foods for Kids

Keep in mind that when you provide your children with the right foods, this will provide them with the right nutrients and minerals they need to strengthen their teeth. Here are the foods that will help their teeth.

Fresh and Green vegetables

For some parents, this may be quite difficult. This is because many children hesitate to eat vegetables. However, vegetables are essential for the health of teeth and gums. They carry some of the most important vitamins and these play a role when it comes to protecting the enamel. In addition, some foods such as celery have fibrous strands. These act more like natural scrubbers as kids chew.

Yogurt, Cheese,and Milk

You should encourage your children to include dairy in their diet. This is because dairy products are usually rich in phosphorus, casein, and phosphorus. These help to neutralize acids, which can build up on the teeth enamel that comes from various other foods. Furthermore, they are a good source of protein for children.

Fresh Fruits

Fruits are also important for children. This is because they help to develop your child’s physiological and dental health. However, this is with exception to fruits that are acidic. You should encourage your children to eat apples and strawberries because they are great for teeth because they produce saliva. This in return causes the bacteria to wipe away as children eat them. These aren’t only high in fiber, but they also carry a lot of water, which helps to cleanse the mouth and teeth.

Fluoride Containing Water

Nowadays, it’s common to see people of all ages increasing their consumption of bottled water. Usually, these are from filtration systems. Although consumption of filtered water is quite refreshing, most of the minerals are not present in it. When you meet a Pediatric Dentist Tulsa, you will learn that consuming filtered water or bottled water may be a good idea. These contain fluoride, which is quite beneficial for the overall health of the teeth and gums.

Dry Fruits

Rather than giving your kids chips, you can encourage them to eat food like almonds, peanuts, cashews, and other dry fruits. These are great for oral health and they carry phosphorus, which great at helping the teeth with lost minerals, which strengthen the enamel of the tooth. Similar to apples, when you chew apples, this helps to create more saliva, which is good for the inner section of the mouth.

Bad Foods to Avoid

Baby teeth are not permanent, but corroding teeth, damaged teeth will have a bad effect on the development of the teeth as they grow out. In the development of the teeth of your child, some foods can have negative effects. These include:

Citrus Rich Fruits

Considering the psychological aspects of the diet of a child, fruits are highly important for them. However, some may be too acidic, such as grapefruit, and lemons. If your child consumes these regularly, it is best that you tell them to brush before their meals.

Sugary Beverages or Drinks

Most juice boxes, as well as energy drinks, can be quite devastating to the dental health of children. These are equally dangerous for adults too. It is best, that you avoid acidic drinks, which could cause the wear and tear of the teeth and gums.

Bread, Pasta, and chips

As parents, you may not be aware of this, but bread, pasta,and chips contain starches that may lead to problems like tooth decay. They are usually carbohydrates and break down into sugars upon consumption. These lead to the deterioration of the teeth of the enamel.

Chocolates and Candies

Kids love to eat chocolates and candies. As parents, you should keep a check on their sugar intake. Give them a limited amount of chocolates, and candies. It is a known fact that sugar is the main agent when it comes to degrading the enamel of the teeth, andthis causes cavities for most kids. Regardless of their age, stick to a regulated pattern of their candy consumption.

Dental care is important for kids. Just make sure that you visit a Tulsa pediatric group who would be able to guide you on their teeth problems. They will recommend the best tips and care for the teeth, ensuring your child has the best smile in years to come!

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