Can you go for a run after joint replacement surgery?

A joint or knee replacement may be a ticket to a healthier lifestyle for you. You have been in a lot of restrictions because of the pain in your joints and knee. After the joint replacement surgery, you are free to maintain a more healthy and active lifestyle. Once you have recovered yourself from the surgery. You can go back to many activities which were painful and difficult for you before surgery.

In most of the cases of the joint surgery at the joint replacement hospital in Delhi. You can resume your normal routine after 12 weeks. However, you must always be sure to check with your doctor before taking any new sport or physical activity. Staying active after a joint replacement surgery will help you strengthen your joints and make things more functional and easier for you.

You can give a shot to various exercises after your joint surgery at the joint placement hospital in Delhi. Your doctor shall provide you with many recommendations for the activity that are based on your needs and overall health. Generally, low-impact exercises are recommended over the high-impact exercises which could otherwise put a lot of stress on to your knees.



Walking is consider to one of the best exercises that you can undertake after your surgery at the joint replacement hospital in Delhi. This is going to strengthen your knee on a good level. It is suggest to start with smaller steps and shorter walks. As you work your way up to longer walks after a while. It is equally important to keep a track of how long you walk per day to keep a track on your progress.


No, you cannot take running immediately after undergoing joint surgery at the joint replacement hospital in Delhi. Although running is an aerobic activity similar to walking, it is more high-impact in nature. For this particular reason, the doctors do not recommend jogging or running right after joint replacement.


Swimming is not a weight-bearing activity by any chance. Thus, it is a good way to exercise without putting a lot of stress on your knee. You can start up or resume with the activity of swimming after six weeks post your surgery. However, it is very important to check with your doctor or physical therapist before you take a dive into the pool.


Ballroom dancing or gentle modern dancing are also consider to great ways using which you can keep your overall body in a healthy state. Dancing is also known to be a good way to use your leg muscles and to engage in light aerobic activity. You can take up dancing after joint surgery. However, it is important to avoid high-impact movements such as jumping, twisting, as well as various abrupt movements.


Cycling is also consider to a good way using which you can regain strength in your knee. Whether you happen to use an actual bicycle or an exercise machine, it is highly recommended to stay on a flat surface and to increase your distance slowly as you begin to try cycling after joint surgery at a joint replacement hospital in Delhi.

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