What Are Behavioral Health Services?

Behavioral health services go hand-in-hand with substance abuse treatment. Often times people with addiction also have mental disorders that make recovery from drug and alcohol use exceptionally hard.

Some commonplace behavioral health services include therapy and counseling. This allows people to have a change of thoughts, behaviors, emotions and perceptions. A large aspect of quality treatment can sometimes include psychiatric assistance including medications that help an individual’s well-being and recovery from addiction. With the use of medication many people getrelief and are able to manage challenging symptoms that are caused by their mental illness.


For most, the part behavioral health approaches include a combination of medication and counseling services. To get treatment early is often the best bet forsuccess, but that does not mean that an individual cannot be successful if he or she has been suffering from The facility Heartland Behavioral Health in Massillon gets this need and tends to it with quality care. At Heartland Behavioral Health they offer services such as initial evaluations, social services, intensive psychiatric care, psychology services, psychiatry, social based services and education for patients. The facility also provides recreational and occupational therapy as well as work evaluations. What’s cool about heartland behavioral health is that they have a supportive community network and the family/child service programs offer extensive services to the clients and the families within the community.


Substances For Mental Illness

Why some people abuse substances while others don’t and why some people become addicted and others don’t is unknown. However, science has found that there is some connection between a person’s environment and genetics that can play a part in this issue that several people face every day. While some people have substance abuse issues and others don’t, this is also true for mental illness. Some people that have mental illness don’t always have substance abuse issues as well. But it is known that people that suffer from mental health disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder are at an increased risk for the use of drugs and alcohol and becoming addicted.

In an aim to self-medicate some choose to do drugs or drink alcohol to minimize the symptoms they are suffering from. Some mental disorder symptoms can include extreme stress and emotional strain. Using drugs and alcohol to lessen painful symptoms of mental disorders only causes the mental illness to become more severe and difficult to deal with. Anyone who abuses drugs or alcohol should definitely get checked out for underlying mental illness. Getting evaluated for things such as depression or anxiety is important. Getting help at a facility or even by professionals outside of a facility is helpful. Because they can screen for the degree of severity of a person’s addiction. When a person gets help it’s best that they receive proper education. Supportive counseling as well as group interactions to get their life back in order.

Treating A Person’s Substance Abuse

When treating substance abuse many attempt abstinences. Abstinence is when someone stays free from alcohol or drugs entirely. Abstinence is not the only part of treatment for substance abuse though. There are many therapies that are use when treating someone for substance abuse and addiction. Treatment and therapy find issues that are underlying a person’s harmful behavior and addictive tendencies. Learning how to cope with life, build self-confidence and being self-supporting is key to a person’s long-term abstinence and recovery from addiction. Treatment for substance abuse issues can occur in many different settings. The setting that a person gets treated in for their addiction depends on the evaluation of the severity and often times the wishes of the patient.

Some of the settings that people receive treatment in include inpatient rehabs. Outpatient treatment services, inpatient hospitalization, outpatient hospitalization, residential treatment and intensive outpatient care. When people are addicted to substances a detox is often require. If a person is physically dependent on alcohol or some sort of drug(s) getting medical services for detox purposes is extremely important. As it turns out detox is really just the beginning to the treatment that person receives. While some individuals do okay with personal therapy or group therapy or even self-help groups. Others may need more serious and detailed care.


What About Mental Health Problems?

Many can argue the reality of mental illnesses and addiction saying they are the same thing. Although addiction is a mental disorder. It is one of its own categories in regard to what we’re talking about now. So, what is mental illness? Mental illness is essentially a disorder that causes a person disturbance and behaviors or thoughts.  These disturbances get in the way of a person functioning in ordinary life.  There are countless different forms and types of mental illness.

Some most common disorders among us are anxiety and depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and dementia. Mental health issues can be related to excessive stress caused by past or present situations or even a one-time event. Mental illness does not just cause problems for a person’s mental well-being. Having an illness results in physical issues as well as a psychological and emotional. No one likes to recognize the potential problem of having a mental illness. Individuals with mental illness or their family members tend to have a difficult time coping with realities such as this. But the thing is it happens to people all the time and is currently affecting millions.


Needing Treatment For Addiction And Mental Illness

Surprisingly, thereare more people in the country who need treatment for an addiction and mental illness than people realize. When a person is diagnose with a disorder involving drug or alcohol use as well as mental health disorders such as depression this complicates a person’s health. Having both of these things affects your life is more popularly know as having a dual diagnosis. There’s a complexity of having multiple conditions that make consequences of not receiving quality treatment more on the negative side of things. But just because treatment can be more challenging doesn’t mean it is not able to be beneficial and successful. There is hope to have a life that is free from life-altering symptoms and manageable.Getting treatments for substance abuse and mental illness is integrated and this makes recovery possible.

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