What are the best allergy medicines for pollen?

The human body has been created in such a way that it has its own defense mechanism. This is called the immunity system. Sometimes in different people, this defense mechanism mistakes the nontoxic pollen allergens as very dangerous and causes an allergic reaction. The reaction is actually the result of the chemical that fights the pollens. Allergists have suggested the best allergy medicines for pollen to reduce the reaction.

Different Kinds of Pollen Allergies:

But first, it is crucial to look at the various kinds of pollen allergies that patients are suffering from. These are majorly caused by different types of pollen present in the atmosphere all around. Many of the people have this reaction during the whole year. But others feel the intensity only in specific months of the seasons. A few kinds of pollen allergies to mention are as follows;

Allergy by Birch:

The spring is the peak season when various types of pollen are spread in the environment. The tiny pollen particles from the birch tree can reach long distances that are carried by the wind. Most of the people that have pollen allergy are exposed to this type of allergens. Almost 5 million pollen specks are released in the air by the tree and can go as far as 100 yards from the actual source.

Pollen Allergy by Oak:

Another pollen reaction that occurs in the spring is when the process of pollination takes place. The high point months in which pollination is at its peak are March, April and May. If you compare the reaction to other trees then it is a mild one, but the particles remain in the air for an extended period of time.

Pollen from the Grass:

You must have heard of individuals having allergic responses in the summer seasons. This is because of the pollen that is present in the grass. The treatment of this reaction can be difficult as it is hard to know which type of grass is the culprit.

Allergy of Pollen by Ragweed:

There are 50 species of Ragweed around the world and 17 of it are found in America. During the months between spring and fall, the pollen is released and can go hundreds of miles. Allergists recommend avoiding going out when the peak season starts and eat food properlyand take medication.

Common Indications of Pollen Allergy:

How you will come to know whether you have pollen allergy or not? There are many indications by which it becomes clear about having the allergy or not.

  1. Congestion of the nose.
  2. Facial Pain due to sinus pressure.
  3. Watery nose and eyes.
  4. Irritation in the throat with coughing.
  5. The skin underneath the eyes can swell and turn blue.
  6. Reduced taste and smell sensation.
  7. Asthmatic reactions are increased.
  8. Feeling of fatigue and headaches.

The best allergy medicines for Pollen:

There are many clinics in Georgia where you can get allergy treatments but for the best results, you can go to Atlanta Allergy Clinic. Here the best allergists are always ready to care for the different pollen allergies and recommend the following remedies.

Nasal Steroids:

Don’t be alarmed by the name as they are drugs that can reduce the inflammation of the nasal passage. There are various types of nasal sprays available in medical stores that contain different compounds and components. This spray can treat symptoms especially related to the nose. The allergists must be very careful when giving the prescription because patients may be allergic to other components of the spray so it must be avoided.It is very easy to use the spray; first mildly stir the bottle and make sure that the nose is clear. Place the spray in one nostril and pinch the other. Turn the applicator on and a specific amount of medicine will come out. Inhale it and do it with the other nose as well.


Histamine is a chemical that is created when the pollen makes the body react. To counter these reactions Antihistamines in the form of pills and spray are given to the patients. These types of medications must always be taken only if the doctor prescribes it because these contain elements that can cause drowsiness and overdosage can be very harmful.


When patients suffer from nasal congestion the doctors give decongestants to unclog the nose that is swollen. The allergists recommend that the drug must only be used for 3 days. The patients who are suffering from heart diseases and blood pressure must consult a doctor first and then take this treatment.

Allergy Shots:

When you were young did you remember having vaccine shots for different diseases? In the same way, many pollen allergies can be treated through allergy shots. Once the allergist has determined the reason for allergy; shots are been administered in a period of 5 years. The dosage is gradually increased to make the shots effective.

Combination of Different Medicines:

Lastly, the best allergy medicines for pollen that can be given to patients are a combination of different medications. Some people have very unique body chemistry so they need a mixture of two or more drugs to treat their allergy.

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