Choosing the Right Dental clear braces

Today you have the option of choosing the material your braces are made of, what colors they come in, having the option of removable braces, and more. If you require clear braces, depending on your financial needs, the specific treatment you need, and what you prefer, you have available various options available to you as to what specific kinds of braces you can get. your orthodontic specialist can discuss with you which option is best for you. Also, your orthodontic center may not have all these options available so it’s best to discuss with your orthodontist. Other than availability, price may also be a factor to consider the specific types of braces and orthodontic care you receive, in addition to your orthodontist’s preferences, your personal preferences and the extent of your treatment.

1) Invisalign:  Invisalign braces hardly look and feel like braces! However, they also shift your teeth and move them so you have in the end, a straighter smile. Invisalign braces work best for individuals that have minimal problems with their teeth and do not have severe orthodontic issues. These braces are unique as they are made of a strong plastic material. They are custom-shape to your teeth and jaw, and they are also removable. Another advantage to Invisalign clear braces is that there is no bulky metal. Which makes for far less discomfort (though this does not mean pain-free), they are hardly noticeable, and they don’t stain. However, the treatment time may last as long as traditional braces, and they are very costly.

2) Lingual: lingual braces are similar to traditional metal braces. But what makes them unique is that they are place on the back-side of your teeth so they are not see. The disadvantage to lingual braces is that not every orthodontist provides them. Because special training is require to treat patients with lingual braces. In addition to limited availability, lingual braces may be more costly than traditional braces; treatment time may also last longer.

3) Ceramic: If you already have very white teeth, ceramic braces may be a viable alternative for you. They ‘blend in’ with the color of your teeth and they are not as easily seen as metal braces if you have white teeth. What’s beneficial about ceramic braces is that they are very strong and they do not stain. If you would prefer your braces not be very easily see. You may consider these types of braces as they are far less noticeable. This is a personal preference, however, but may be the best option for you. They offer a more subtle look.

4) Traditional Metal Braces: Unfortunately, many people have a nickel allergy. And cannot get traditional metal braces that are made of nickel. However, there is the option of getting gold-plate braces for those with this specific allergy. Another option that’s available is color ligatures. These are the o-shape rubber bands that are place around the brackets and over the arch wire. Younger children can have fun with their braces and get what are know as Wild Smiles Brackets.

These are a great option for clear braces for children. These are very similar to traditional metal braces. But they come in a variety of shapes such as a flower, star, heart, football and baseball. They are a fun alternative that provide for further customization of your dental braces.  Whether you’re an adult looking for less noticeable braces or a younger child looking for bright and colorful braces that you get to pick, there are many options available just for you.

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