Contact Lenses or Eye Cheap Glasses?

And so the debate goes on as to whether contact lenses or eye Cheap Glasses are the better choice. Both have their advantages over the other and both have their disadvantages and it is important to review these advantages and disadvantages because the eyes are very important in this seeing world that requires vision for proper function. If we cannot see properly, then we easily miss things, have difficulty reading, or can become seriously injured when in hazardous conditions. This is why it is necessary to carefully evaluate the contact lenses versus eye glass debate and figure out what side you are on.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses certainly have their advantages, which is why many choose them over their eye glasses. It is fair to say that when contacts were invented. They opened up a whole new world for those who had been wearing glasses for quite some time. When wearing glasses, we become used to how we see and we do not think anything of it. But throw in a pair of contacts and the eye glass wearer may wonder why they did not try contacts sooner. Here are some advantages of contact lenses:

o Contact lenses allow for a wider field of vision. The frames of glasses block a person’s peripheral vision and contacts are able to restore that because there is no frame in the way. Glasses are smaller than they used to be. So those who wear glasses now have even more issues with peripheral vision.

o Contact lenses allow for the wearer to see things more naturally. Because the contact lens sits directly on the cornea, everything looks the correct color, size, and nothing is distorted.

o Those involved in sports love their contact lenses because they can run and jump without the contact lens moving. The contacts remain stable, which means an athlete can keep a clear view of what they are doing.

o Contact lens wearers can wear sunglasses. No more clip-ons on the glasses that don’t look very stylish. A contact lens wearer can buy the latest styles of sunglasses.

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