Cultured Ghee Benefits

Cultured Ghee Benefits : Nowadays, most people are health freaks and are eager to choose organic things that are free from preservatives. Ghee or clarified has long been a popular dairy staple among the dairy lovers. Ghee is made from pure cow milk but it is a time-consuming process. This traditional dairy product first originated in ancient India and since that time ghee has been an integral part of Middle-Eastern cooking.


But, have you any idea about cultured ghee and about the cultured ghee benefits? Clarified butter or ghee is slightly different from cultured ghee. Ghee manufacturers make regular ghee by using unsalted dairy butter. But when cultured ghee is made, they use cultured butter that is made in the fermentation process. Due to this process, the lactose gets converted into lactic acid. As a result cultured butter is lactose free and contains lactic acid making cultured ghee a zero lactose dairy product.


There are numerous health benefits of cultured ghee. If you are trying to manage a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, you should include cultured ghee into your daily lifestyle. Here are some of the cultured ghee benefits


  1. Great for Bones Health: Ghee contains a great amount of vitamin K2, which improves bones health by helping in better absorption of calcium in bones from foods. Osteoporosis is a common problem in men and women which can be reduced by the consumption of ghee.


  1. Reduces inflammation in the body:  Cultured ghee can reduce inflammation in the body. Ghee in the diet helps in reducing inflammation from internal organs and that helps in a passive way to reduce body weight. CLA and butyrate in cultured ghee help in lessening inflammation of the body, which results in weight loss in the body.


  1. Helps for Weight Loss: Cultured ghee is loaded with saturated fats that work as a filtered food. The presence of CLA helps in body weight loss if taken with a moderate lifestyle.


  1. Suits Lactose Intolerant People: Cultured ghee is absolutely lactose and casein free making it perfect for lactose-intolerant people.


  1. For great skin & hair: Ghee contains some good fats omega 3, and omega 6 that helps in retaining good skin and hair. You can make a hair pack or face pack with ghee and directly apply it on your face and hair.


This was all about cultured ghee benefits. You can try Milkio organic grass-fed cow ghee, prepared in New Zealand. Milkio organic grass-fed cultured ghee is a non-GMO certified 100% natural products without color, flavor, and preservative. This high aroma ghee is certified Organic by BioGro, NZ, and 100% purity endorsed by the USDA. Milkio produces this organic ghee from cultured butter, and it is available all over the world under the Milkio brand.

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