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It is very important to unlock it when your Hip Flexors Info gets blocked. One of the most common conditions people come into my office wanting help with is chronic low back pain.

If you’re like many of my clients, you might be frustrated in dealing with it. It prevents you from doing things you enjoy doing. It keeps you up at night tossing and turning, and just generally decreases your quality of life. So, to help, here are few things to think about, and some self-care ideas to take away from this post. Raise your hand if you’ve been sitting at your computer for hours leading up to reading this post. I think most of my readers can raise their hand (I can, too, for today anyway). Our fascia (aka connective tissue) is one of the most sensory dense systems in our body.

How you can get rid of it?

It houses all kinds of receptors that detect stretch, load, vibration and pressure, and pain. The thing is, if there is no movement in the body, there is no signal communicated to the brain. The soft tissues that is necessary for correct muscle activation. Meaning: no movement, no signal, no change. If no change is indicate, the body learns that the body’s current position is where it should stay. It will reset the new “normal” length of the tissues. That’s further than we’re use to! Put the brakes on and stop it before it’s too much. What this means to you is limited, inefficient movement, and potentially pain? Taking frequent breaks (yeah, I know you’ve heard this million times, but do you do it?) can be really helpful. Moving your body gives it information that it can use to coordinate appropriate responses, helping you stay in better balance.

The Understand the problem properly:

If you think the solution to your low back pain is strictly addressing your back itself, you’re not alone. Most people think this. The truth is, though, we have to think (and treat) with a much broader lens. In my experience, often the problem is not in the back itself. It is why getting your back rub for an hour will feel good. But only gives you very short term relief. Quite often there are other things that are causing the problem. It’s often from the front of your body. That’s right: the FRONT. The hip flexors are often a key player in chronic low back pain. There are two main hip flexors: the iliacus and the psoas. Often these are combine together as the “iliopsoas.” They are all one in the same, fascially speaking. The psoas runs from the upper part of your thigh bone to your lumbar spine.

Particularly for people who sit for long durations, these can be stuck “short.” Remember that no movement = no info = stay the same piece I just mention? Well, those hip flexors find a new “normal” resting length in a shortened position. You can visit our website for more information:

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