Is Clenbuterol Legal – What Makes You Lose Weight

Is Clenbuterol Legal, or Clen, as it is popularly known as, is commonly used by individuals for weight loss. It is argued and hyped to be the ‘miracle cure’ for fat present around the legs as well as the tummy. Originally created to treat lung ailments such as asthma in horses, athletes soon realized the ability of Clenbuterol to promote tighter muscles and weight loss. In scientific terms, Size Zero Pills utilize the use of oxygen which is present in the bloodstream much more efficient.

This translates into stored body fat getting burned faster, along with greater body mass as well as reduced muscle waste. They also causes the body temperature to increase by roughly 0.5 degree and hence begins to raise the metabolic rate as well. Due to this, any access fat calories are quickly burnt as the drug directly stimulates fat cells in the body. As a result, weight loss occurs and this is why Clen has been nicknamed the ‘size zero diet pill’. The fat-burning may be increased by a major percentage if Cytomel T3, a thyroid hormone, is used with Size Zero Pills.

Clen is also used by amateur body builders coupled with ECA. Its advantages are experienced almost immediately, but as a result, the side effects also begin to appear right away as well. Likely side effects of these tabs are palpitations, involuntary trembling of the fingers, restlessness, headaches, possible muscle spasms, insomnia, increased perspiration, nausea and increased blood pressure. However, these are generally temporary and subside after 8 to 10 days when continuing the product. Short term side effects caused by Clenbuterol are excessive sweating, nausea, shakiness and anxiety.

Long term effects may be heart-related. Gradual stiffening of the hear-muscle can occur if the drug is used for very long periods. This is because it speeds up the system, which includes the heart as well. This drug must not be taken throughout the year, and dieters should only consider it for short-term usage only, in 2-4 weekly on/off intervals. Also, even thought he effects of Clenbuterol are fast to appear, they soon become diminished if it is used constantly for 3-4 weeks because they body then becomes used to it.

The common dosage is 2 to 4 tablets – up to 100 to 160 mcg per day for women or men. Athletes begin with only one tablet and gradually increase their dosage by one pill daily until the required dosage is reached. Since Clen is not a hormone compound, it does not have the typical side effects of anabolic steroids. This is why many women prefer this over other weight loss pills. All weight loss pills have their drawbacks; hence the safest way to lose weight would be natural ways, instead of taking pills. You goal must be to attain a healthy lifestyle, not to be a dress size zero.

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