Miami Lakes Dentist Push For White Composite Fillings

Miami professionals concern themselves with the wellness of the overall human body. Miami medicine pays close attention to treating all elements that may contribute to a single ailment. Miami Lakes Dentist, for example, conducts general dentistry procedures to correct problems. But also investigates the underlying causes for those problems. Habits of eating, sleeping, and other unique characteristics of an individual patient’s body composition are all examined to explain the underlying origin of oral hygiene problems.

Contrast a general dentistry approach to a cavity with that of a holistic dentist. The general dentist will locate the problem area, use tools to remove the plaque and bacteria, and fill the cavities that result. A holistic dentist will certainly perform each of these requisites; however, will also look at other factors to determine why the patient developed a cavity in the first place. The dental history of the patient, acidic makeup of the mouth, eating habits, possible teeth grinding habits. And many other factors will all be explored to pin point the underlying factors that caused the problem. In this way, holistic dentistry is more comprehensive and proactive in preventing future dental problems.

One major point of difference is that holistic dentists almost exclusively promote the use of Teeth whitening Miami fillings in dental procedures. Again, this stems from holistic dentistry’s focus on the interrelated nature of the human body. For the better part of a decade, mountains of research have accumulated indicating. That the use of dental amalgams exposes individuals to continuous, highly toxic amounts of mercury . Mercury is the primary metal use in traditional dental amalgams, and inhalation of mercury vapor from dental amalgams has show to pose serious health risks to the immune and cardiac systems.

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