Online Ordering System Trends in 2019 that are Reshaping the Restaurant Industry

Online ordering systems have come a long way. Today, the most popular trends that have been well-received in the restaurant landscape are – online ordering, delivery through robots and drones, social media orders, customer retention programs, and digital menus. Here’s a small highlight of 2019 and the tech that took restaurant industry by storm!

The restaurant industry is a trend-driven industry. Trends come and go, and usually it is the trendsetters that taste success. So, it is crucial for all restaurants to keep a close eye on the current industry scenario.

Read along to discover the online ordering system trends that are ruling the restaurant landscape in 2019.

Online Orders vs. Orders Over Calls

Since the advent and adoption of online ordering systems for restaurants, almost everyone has switched to online ordering. They no longer depend upon taking out orders themselves or placing orders over calls.

This can either be because of the increased accessibility to the internet and smartphones, but overall, 8 in 10 customers still prefer online ordering over making phone calls.

Facebook Ordering

If you have integrated an online restaurant ordering system, the software providers will give you a link that directly leads to the ordering interface. Now, you can use this link on your social media pages such as a Facebook account for increasing its reach.

Since your prospective customers tend to spend a huge part of their day on social networking sites, they are more likely to come across your ordering link and end up placing the order right from sites like Facebook and Instagram!

Drones and Robots for Delivery

It might sound a little too futuristic, but restaurants are not far away from using drones and robots for delivering the food. However, there are restaurants who are trying their luck. Some major pizza giants have incorporated UAVs (Unnamed Aerial Vehicles) for delivering pizza at their customers’ doorsteps.

If someday, this experiment with drones and robots works out, the restaurant can save a ton of money on overhead cost of hiring delivery personnel.

Retention Marketing


Real-time customer analytics offered by online ordering systems for restaurants, enable them to study customer behavior. This aids restaurants in recognizing frequent customers so that they can keep getting them to order online by enticing them with coupons and offers.

Not only does it lead to more frequents orders, the right discounts and offers make a customer feel special and value the restaurant more as compared to its competitors.

Digital Menus

Another trend in vogue with the introduction of online ordering systems is Digital Menus. They can either be presented individually or as a part of online ordering, allowing customers to browse through everything that the restaurant has to offer on their mobile screens before placing the order.

The ease of ordering, navigation, and customization is something that makes these digitized menus quite popular among the customers.

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