Popular Branded Knife Set For the Kitchen

Knife set are all purpose knives that vary in size and usage. Each set come in 3 or more pieces of knives. A standard knife set has seven up to eight pieces. It includes the following:

  • Chef’s knife
  • Paring knife
  • Bread knife
  • Fillet knife
  • Carving knife
  • Steak knife
  • And utility knife

Aside from this, it comes with sharpening steel and kitchen shears. It can also be bought with a knife block, for convenient storage.

Popular knife sets comprise of durable and high quality knives that can last a lifetime, if properly cared for. Below is a list of branded knife sets that have become more popular through the years.

– European Brands

Wusthof 9751 Classic Knife Set $289.95
Wusthof 9751 Classic Knife Set is a perfect starter set for cooks. It is forged from single steel and comes in 6 pieces knives.


  • serrated bread knife (1×20 cm)
  • carving knife ( 1x 23cm)
  • paring knife (1x 10 cm)
  • cooks knife ( 1×20 cm)
  • boning (1×14 cm)
  • sharpening steel (1×23 cm)

J. A. Henckels Four Star Knife Set
Henckels Four Star Knife Set is sharp, well weighed and durable. It has a finer quality and it is also easy to use.

Set includes:

  • 5 in. utility knife- serrated
  • 6 in. chef knife
  • 3 in. paring knife
  • 6 in. utility knife
  • hardwood storage block
  • kitchen shears

Sabatier Knife Set 5-Piece with Block
Sabatier 5 piece knives are a fully forged block set. It is made from high carbon stainless steel for maximum durability. Each set has a handle-forming process which can be molded with pressure. It can result to no cracks like an ordinary rivet.

Set Includes:

  • 20 cm Filleting knife
  • 13 cm boning knife
  • 25 cm Round sharpening knife
  • 20 cm Bread knife
  • 15 cm Cook’s knife

– US Brands
Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan 10-Piece Knife Block Set $54.99

Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan knife sets have high carbon stainless steel blades and comfortable polymer handles. It has an exclusive Taper Grind edge and a full tang, for strength and balance. This set has an exceptional feature for sharpness and stain resistance.

Set includes:

  • 5-inch utility/boning knife
  • 4 steak knives
  • 3-1/2-inch paring knife
  • 8-inch slicer
  • 8-inch sharpening steel
  • 7-1/2-inch chef’s knife
  • 12-slot storage block

– Japanese Brands
Global 3 Pc. Oriental Santoku Knife Set #G-48338
G-48338 model are light, razor sharp and stainless steel made knives. They come with thin blades and hollow handles, making them easy to control.

Set includes:
o 5 ¼ inches GS-3 Chef’s Utility Knife
o 8 in. G-48 Hollow-Ground Santoku Knife
o 3-1/2 in. GS-38 Paring Knife
Other popular brands include the following:

  • Kyocera
  • Kai Shun
  • Fallkniven
  • Kikuichi
  • OId Hickory
  • And Messermeister.

These popular brands have actually reigned through the years because of their excellent qualities and product exposures. Prices of most popular knife sets are really expensive. However, there are some fine choices that offer low price ranges, but having excellent features.

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