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You can check more about Anna`s guide at: thedealpot. All we have one question in our mind when we purchase anything that what is pricing of that service. We all first want to know what we have to pay for the service before using it. It is right because such types of services are available at high prices and people have to pay high for it. Sometime people have to worry about hidden charges which they have to pay because they already purchased services. Many people are facing different types of problems so it is important to know about it. You have to get proper knowledge that what you have to pay to them who are giving you online service. We know many people who asked this question from us. So people who need any type of help related their health have to contact us.

12 weeks meal and workout plan:  

                                                      You should have to follow the 12 weeks of meal plan and workout plan, you have to follow this guide for the given time of period. You will see some results within this time of period so you need to follow this guide properly and carefully. Many of the people stop workout and meal without completing their time period and tell that they didn’t get any benefit. It is wrong you have to complete the given time period and then you will see the results. Now we discuss about pricing which you have to pay for diet plan and workout plan for given time period. You have to pay $79.95 if you purchase plan in bundle. It is quite expensive but you will get results and benefits from this so you have to try this. You will be happy after seeing results.

13-24 weeks workout and meal plan:

After completing the time period of first guide then you have to start following 2nd guide. You will get different meal plan and workout plan in 2nd guide. You have to follow 2nd guide to be in bikini fit body. It helps you to get your body in shape. It is very useful and beneficial. People who are facing any type of problem with their health and fitness have to try this Anna`s guide.

You will get fitness which people are now dreaming of, you will also get bikini fit body if you follow all the tips and advice provided by Anna. You will be happy to know about women who already get benefits and are now living healthy and happy life, you also have to pay $79.95 again on bundle purchase. So you don’t have to waste much time and get one guide for you and for your loved once.

Once you will see the results you can also suggest this guide to those people who are very close in relationship with you. You can help those people who are facing such type of problems in their regular life.

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