Simple Chair Exercises That You Can Do

Chair exercises are a good way to give ample exercise to your legs, knees, and ankles. They are safe to carry out and are idyllic for the disabled, handicapped, overweight and adults apart from the arthritis patients.

Chair exercises are safe to perform as they need only an iota of balance and so can be done without anyone’s help. Mentioned Below are some of the simple chair exercises one can do at home. Try them out so that you can have the workout sessions all by yourself.

Simple Chair Exercises That You Can Do

Single Knee Raise

Performing this exercise will give a good workout to the muscles of your lower stomach. Sit with a straight back in the chair you feel comfortable. Bend your knees and keep feet flat on the ground.

Now, pull your navel in and try to give stability to the core. Raise your feet about three inches off the ground, take a pause while your leg is at the top and come back to the original position variancetv. Carry out the same process with the other leg. Complete around 10 sets with each leg.

The Quadriceps Contraction

The main aim of this workout is to straighten the joint of your knee. The quadriceps muscles are exercised in this operation. Take the same position as you had in the ‘Single Knee Bent’. However, here it is the actual process of working on your knee.

Raise your foot by keeping the knee straight. Contract your quadriceps muscles as you keep your leg straight. Remain in the posture for a couple of moments. Come back to your original position and repeat the entire process with your other leg for about 10 times.

Thigh Adduction

You perform thigh adduction when you lift your leg in the mid-line of the body. The inner muscles of the thighs get a good workout through Thigh adduction. Sit upright in a chair and let the entire feet make contact with the floor.

Make a fist with your hand let the first make its way between the knees. Now, squeeze gently and softly with the fist. Hold on for about 10 to 12 seconds before relaxing. Perform five to seven more repetitions to complete one set.

Ankle Rolls

As the name suggests, ankle rolls are performed to keep your ankles in good working condition. Your ankles will remain more flexible by this exercise.

Sit in a chair in a straight position with your feet touching the floor entirely. Do not let your back bend during the exercise. Extend your leg and make circular movements of your toes about five times. Now repeat the process from the left side.

The leg and repeat the above process with another leg. Make circular movements by slanting your leg first to the right side and then to the left. This will give a good workout to your ankles as well as your knees as they bear the load of your entire leg. Performing all these exercises daily will make your leg muscles stronger and help recover in case the tissues or muscles are damaged.

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