UCDM – Break Those Bad Habits And On To What You Do Want

UCDM: Why can’t we more easily break the habits we don’t truly want, and rather have what we do want? The reflective mind has been imprisoned by the brain, and we sleep walk on a path of least resistance.

The reflective mind, always has been, and remains the quiet center of our eternal life being. This means that every one of us in his/her own right is an integral part of the whole.

Whether it is relationship struggles, career problems, financial stress, family, weight loss, alcohol and drugs, smoking, or whatever, we gradually sway further and further off the path of our true free will.

No one truly wants all these problems in life!

While I was in prison, the holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day can be a time of severe struggles. The depression in the air is palpable. When receiving mail with kind words is even more valued than the regular days of the year, this is a period.

Someone kindly messaged me recently at this blog site to tell me that she thinks of the literal prison I once endured, as being poetically aligned to our own inner prison that we often make for ourselves.

On a day just after Thanksgiving, but before Christmas, I received a letter from Nakita, a woman living in Croatia who I mentioned in a previous article. She had written me only one time before this, when she somehow became aware of my spiritual path as mutual student of A Course in Miracles.

What is reflective learning?

It remained a mystery to this point as to how she learned of my situation, my address in prison, and my involvement in A Course in Miracles. It was intriguing, to say the least!

I found it strange that Nakita went on to tell me that much of Croatia was Catholic, and she was raised Catholic, just as I was.

She mentioned how her own involvement in ACIM had given her new light, a new vision in how she practices her Catholic faith. “An enhancement,” she said.

Nakita added that the psychological Christic teachings of A Course in Miracles had allowed her to more clearly see in her reflective mind, rather than believe, the true function and purpose in the man, Jesus, who once walked among us.

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