What Is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting that is currently the most popular health and fitness method globally is also known as IF. People are using this method as a way to reduce weight, improve their overall health, and also to simplify their lifestyles. Most studies suggest that it can give powerful effects on different systems in the body and brain and let the practice live longer. Through the following guide, you will know the most basic things and concepts about intermittent fasting.
What Essentially Is Intermittent Fasting?

F or intermittent fasting is a certain eating pattern in cycles between fasting and eating sessions. It doesn’t necessarily specify which foods you must eat in the eating cycle. Instead, it lets you know at what times you must eat. In this way, it isn’t a diet in the actual meanings but is more of an eating pattern. The most common intermittent fasting includes 16 hours of fasts or having 24 hours of fast two times a week.

Fasting has always been involve in the common practices of the human evolution period. Ancient hunter-gatherers never had refrigerators, supermarkets, or foods that were available to them throughout the year. And many times they couldn’t find anything to eat at all. And as a result, human beings evolved to live their lives without any food for long periods. Fasting from time to time is a natural method of overeating over 3 to 4 meals in a day. Fasting is also mostly done in religious practices that include religions like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism.
What Are A Few Intermittent Fasting Methods?

There are many different methods of practicing intermittent fasting, most of which involve breaking it the day or week into fasting and eating periods. During the sessions of fasting, you may eat a little or not even a bit. The most popular methods of fasting are as follows:
The 16/8 method: This is also call the Leangains protocol that involves not having breakfast and restricting the daily eating pattern to only 8 hours, such as 1 to 9 pm. Then you should fast for 16 hours during the session.

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