The Viet Nam market of interior materials is gradually active again

When Hanoi city relaxes the distance, the Viet Nam market of interior materials (sanitary equipment, tiles, curtains…) has shown signs of recovery. The number of visitors to the distribution agents has increased.

Excited again

Ms. Hoang Yen – owner of an interior decoration shop on villa thao dien for rent (Ba Dinh district) shared that since Hanoi allowed workers to return to work, people have been relaxed about travel and work. buying – selling at the store also started to have positive changes.

“Recently, material stores have a larger number of customers than usual, an average of 10-15 visitors a day and it is forecasted that it will be more crowded in the near future” – Ms. Hoang Yen said.

Ms. Yen explained, many people’s projects have to wait for the epidemic situation to be controlled, along with the passing of Ngau month before they can be constructed. Besides, with the mentality that Vietnamese people always tend to complete works before Tet, not to wait for the new year, the demand for retail shopping from now to the end of the year will be more positive.

At a shop specializing in sanitary ware on Linh Nam street (Hoang Mai district), Mr. Nguyen Quang Phuc – the shop owner shared, at present, most customers come to buy products to be able to complete the works. single house program. Meanwhile, the projects are still in the process of basic completion, so the sales of the store are quite slow at the moment.

“Due to the current price of materials, in which steel and many other materials are increasing, investors have to balance and recalculate the volume and cost of the works… Therefore, the import of Materials and products for interior decoration are temporarily not in great demand, “- Mr. Phuc said.

Antibacterial attracts customers

Not only has the change in the time of year-end shopping increased, the epidemic is also a cause affecting consumer demand when choosing interior material products. Most customers choose products that are suitable for long-term performance and antibacterial criteria.

According to Ms. Bui Kim Oanh – owner of a building material store on Buoi Street (Ba Dinh District), under the competitive pressure of products from China, tiling products of prestigious domestic brands still attract the attention of customers. customer interest. In particular, the design and use of antibacterial properties are prioritized.

“Customers’ top concern is still product quality. With the characteristics of surface materials, applied in spaces with high humidity such as kitchen, dining, or bathroom, hygiene, demanding areas. products must have anti-absorbent, anti-stain, high hardness and good warranty. In addition, smart products with touch and automatically to avoid contact are also interested by many people”, Ms. Bui. Kim Oanh said.

Many experts assessed that, with the increasing demand for investment in infrastructure development and the recovery of the real estate market, the building materials market is forecasted to be active in the last months of the year, meeting people’s need to repair houses before the Lunar New Year.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and the situation of production and construction investment is still fluctuating, the Institute of Construction Economics has proposed to the Ministry of Construction to continue to issue documents to urge localities to regularly update material prices. Construction materials closely follow market price movements with monthly frequency (especially in centrally-affiliated cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City), soon report the impact of construction material prices on management. local construction investment management.

In addition, the Institute of Construction Economics also suggested that the Ministry of Construction should have measures and mechanisms to control costs for projects that are affected by rising prices of construction materials, in order to fight monopoly. speculation, arbitrarily raising the price of construction materials.

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