What is a rollator and how to use it

Rollators, also known as a rollator walker, is a walking frame with wheels at the bottom. The device comes with three or four wheels, an in-built seat, and handlebars for support. The handles come with calliper brakes like those of a ten-speed bicycle. You can squeeze on the brakes to lock the wheels in place when you want to stay stationary or release them to continue moving. Macintosh HD:Users:macuser:Downloads:how to use a rollator.png

The role of a rollator is to allow you to walk easily on different surfaces and take some time to rest. Its design also allows you to attach accessories like baskets to it. It is also worth mentioning that the devices feature a collapsible design. This means that it can be folded and stored when you do not need to use it or transport it. 

How to use a rollator

There are three ways you can use a rollator. Below is a guide for how to use a rollator for sitting, standing, and walking;

How to use for standing

Below is a step by step guide for how to use a rollator for standing;

Step 1: Ensure that you have the right balance

When using a rollator, the first thing you must do is make sure that you have a stable balance. This is primarily, but not exclusively, necessary if you are using the device outdoors. The rollator should be standing safely before you can get on it. You can also go further and wipe down the handles to ensure they are dry and not slippery.

Step 2: Engage the brakes

If you are using the rollator for standing, you must ensure that the brakes are engaged. This will make sure that the wheels do not move and you can safely stand. 

Step 3: Sit at the edge of the sit

Once you have ensured that the brakes are correctly engaged, you can sit on the seat. Ensure to do this at the edge. Your feet should be facing forward. Sitting at the edge also allows you to place your feet on the floor firmly. 

Step 4: Position your body weight

The next step is to place your hands on the chair. Ensure not to put all your weight on the walker. Doing this could cause it to move forward and prompt your falling. The next step is to lean forward. Ensure that most of your body weight is on your feet and legs. With your heels, press on the floor and push up your body weight. Make sure that you have the right balance before moving forward and standing. 

How to use a rollator for walking

Walking with a rollator can seem overwhelming and intimidating at first. However, with some practice, you can quickly get into it. Practising will also help you build your confidence. The following is a step by step guide for using a rollator for walking;

Step 1: prepare the rollator

The first step is preparing the device. You can do this by ensuring all the components are safely set up, the rollator is wiped down and not slippery, and you set it up on a safe and stable surface.

Step 2: Place the rollator in front of you and get in position

The next step is placing your walker in front of you and loosely gripping the handles. While doing this, ensure that your fingers are near the brake levers and the handle height is correct. This will give you access to the brakes if you need to stop the rollator walker. While doing this, ensure that the brakes are in place, so the rollator does not move. 

Step 3: Centre your body weight 

This is one of the most vital steps as it is the key to maintaining a balance. Ensure that your body weight is centred correctly before you can start walking with the rollator. 

Step 4; Slowly release the brakes and start moving 

Once you have completed all the steps above, you can slowly release the brakes to allow the wheels to move. From there, you can take one step forward as you move the rollator forward as well. Ensure to keep the weight on your legs and not entirely on the rollator. Remember that the role of the rollator is only to provide you with additional support. It also helps give you the confidence you need to move. It would also help to try moving your feet forward at the same distance with each step. This will make the movement more swift and coordinated. 

How to use for sitting

You can also use rollator walkers for sitting. The device is very stable and may come in handy if you are exhausted from walking or are at the market. Below is a step by step guide for how you can do this;

Step 1; start by engaging the brakes

The first thing you must do is to engage the brakes. You must also ensure that the walker is in a steady position. Doing this will prevent any accidents. 

Step 2; ensure that the rollator is stable and turn it

The next step is to ensure that the rollator is stable. You can do this by pushing it to a wall, piece of furniture, or pillar, depending on where you are. Once you have done this, you can turn the rollator and have an open seat facing you. 

Step 3; sit on the rollator

From there, you can turn around and have your back facing the chair, then slowly bend down towards the chair. You can hold on to the seat or handles for balance. While doing this, ensure that you are distributing your weight evenly. Remember to keep your hands on the handles the whole time. 

Final word

Understand that walking with a rollator is not the same as using a mobility aid. With a rollator, you have to make broader turns. Additionally, sitting and getting up from a rollator requires practice. Therefore, you need to take some time to learn how to use the device before you can confidently use the device.

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